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The present scenario in the arena of sports, a trained sportsman and a good coach talk about - the cool-headed state that allows a person to perform optimally even under high-pressure conditions - that make all the difference in your performance. Achieving this state and holding on to it despite distractions, pain and your own instincts to give in for the sake of self-preservation is the essence of mental endurance and which makes all the difference.
Padmakshan Padmanabhan
MES Sports Director

"The best coach trains the brains to be as tough as their bodies."

Positive frame of mind is essential for all sports trainees, students and their trainers. If you even think you can’t do it then, "You can’t." An easy way to stay in a positive frame of mind is to create a mission statement that gets you pumped up. Take the time competing in a particular contest, gaining 10 pounds of muscle or clearing an examination, whatever your goal. "If you have a powerful reason why you can get through anything, "Make this ‘why’ as your mission statement and repeat it to yourself during your training." Anytime if you catch yourself slacking, questioning your motivation, or feeling like to quit, repeat your mission statement.

Mental health plays an important role in the final outcome any competition. You should act as your own coach. "Speak to yourself as a second person with statements such as, ‘You are going to give everything you can,’" It can simulate the extra bit of motivation a real coach would provide. "Learning to talk positively to yourself, when the going gets tough. Do practice, "You’ll get better at it." Then, on a testing day (or whatever your particular challenge is), you’ll be able to talk yourself into a second wind.

"Even before you step out for a competition of any nature, "your aim should be mentally done." Imagine the steps you’ll take to get into position and the way your body will look performing the movement and rehearse each repetition in your mind. Think about how all that will feel to you. "All you have to do is repeat it with your body."

Keeping all these aspects of sports training and physical education in mind, Mahatma Education Society's sports control board has systematically set its goal in the right direction. The academics year 2014-15 was a year of international recognition to Mahatma Education Society's effort in sports. To incorporate the result producing innovative methods of modern sports training, the infrastructure with the Mahatma Education Society has played a vital role and certainly made positive changes in the field of sports performance.

The Mahatma Sports Club is successfully continuing its sports training regular classes at all its campuses. Sports discipline like gymnastics and swimming are getting tremendous response from the parents and children. There are as many as 10 special sports coaching classes are conducted by Mahatma Sports Club throughout the year.

Mahatma Education Society's Inter institutions sports and games championships, become the biggest sports fiesta among thousands of its students with more events included year by year. The staff football and cricket become the big staff event in Navi Mumbai.

The MES sports control board is looking forward to do more innovative initiatives in the field of sports and welcomes the academic year 2015-16 with great enthusiasm as our students won international medals abroad. The Mahatma Education Society conveys all the best wishes to its sports personnel for a successful academic year 2015-16.