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Consistency is the Key in Sports Performance

In sports and games, one’s character, value, physical and mental strength are all challenged in a short span of time. It can tell you a lot about us as an individual and as a society. Apart from a fanatic obsession with Cricket, we have very little to show for our passion in sports. I am not denying the new found interest shown by the people in pro-Kabaddi and the mass supports received for Football (ISL) in last two seasons. Certainly we developed better infrastructure today, still sports is not a popular part of Indian culture. Instead of joining sports teams or athletic games, many children are spending countless hours in front of TV screens and video games.
Padmakshan Padmanabhan
MES Sports Director

I am not going into the demerits of not playing a sport, but will rather showcase the merits of doing so. I believe sports occupy a prominent place in the life of a nation. At Mahatma Education Society we feel it is an indicator of the culture of a country too. The basic values like healthy competition, respect for the opposition and fair-play are inculcated by playing sports.

Imagine you are home after a really hectic week and decide to go out with the boys for a game of football. Your batteries are recharged; your stress gets busted and it relaxes you so much more. It shapes the character of a person significantly. Concentration, alertness, team-work, focus and leadership are some of the skills that sport teaches everyone. Sports develop and encourage the spirit of healthy rivalry and competition. It inculcates team-spirit, a sense of comradeship and discipline. A sportsman has to obey his captain and accept the judgment of umpires and referees. He learns to place the interests of the team above considerations of self. Thus, sports play a vital role in imparting complete education. Also it breeds the sportsman spirit which enables everyone to accept failure and defeat in a positive way and learn from such events.

Keeping all these importance to comprehensive education system, Pillai group of Institutions aggressively organized many sporting activities for students of its institutions as well as the society at large. The Mahatma Education Society successfully organized its prestigious PEN MARATHON 2016-17 with a slogan "Save earth for Safe life" and the run attracted tremendous participation from locals and the fitness enthusiast across the state. In the year 2016-17 it's also organized another marathon at URAN with mass participation from locals and the defense units stationed at Uran. The aim of the run is to spread the message of quality education for the betterment of the society and the slogan was "Education for peace and prosperity". The Mahatma Sports Club is successfully continuing its sports training regular classes at all its campuses with 12 sports disciplines and it is getting attracted by many.

Mahatma Education Society's Inter Institutions Sports & Games Championships has become an event that students are waiting for. The staff football & cricket has become the prestigious event for the staff to compete. The MES sports control board has come up with more innovative ideas and as a part of it, we established an air conditioned Health club at Dr.KM Vasudevan Pillai Campus, New Panvel with sports rehabilitation and weight management facility. The Gymkhana at Pillai HOC Campus, Rasayani has renovated with high-tech facilities to meet the sports training requirements of the students. Adventure learning Park at Apta has become a place for camping and outing for all walks of life with the introduction of Kayak and pedal boats. Open sports events like Engineering Football League(EFL), Engineering Cricket League(ECL), open Inter collegiate 5-a side Soccer Fiesta etc. have became high profile sporting events because of their mass participation. We are looking forward to organize and train more events for our students. We welcome the academic year 2017-18 with great enthusiasm. We convey all the best wishes to our students for a successful & healthy academic year 2017-18.